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Electric Cargo Bike Model CG 52-S

As a high-performance electric cargo bike, the Model CG 52-S offers a long-range and multi-functional design, providing an ideal solution for urban logistics. It not only meets your transportation needs but also brings convenience and efficiency to your work and life. Choose the Model CG 52-S to make your transportation journey easier and more enjoyable!




Model CG 52-S: High-performance Electric Cargo Bike

In the increasingly congested urban traffic and rising environmental awareness, the electric cargo bike has gained attention as a green and efficient urban transportation solution. As a high-performance electric cargo bike, the Model CG 52-S stands out with its outstanding features and multi-functional design.

Long Range: Over 100km worry-free

The Model CG 52-S has two high-capacity batteries with advanced energy-saving technology and an intelligent management system, allowing it to easily achieve a range of over 100km. With less frequent charging, users can focus on transporting goods and greatly improve work efficiency. Whether it’s long-distance transportation or frequent short-distance deliveries, the Model CG 52-S can meet your needs.

Multi-functional Design: Flexible for various situations

The Model CG 52-S is ingeniously designed with professional-grade shock absorbers to effectively reduce bumps and vibrations during travel, ensuring the safety of goods. The front and rear racks are designed flexibly, making it easy to carry various types of cargo and meet the transportation needs of different industries. In addition, the Model CG 52-S offers a variety of accessory options, such as child seats, providing additional convenience for family users.

Reliability and Safety: Ensuring smooth journeys

The Model CG 52-S not only has excellent performance and functionality but also emphasizes reliability and safety. It uses high-quality materials and refined craftsmanship to ensure durability. Equipped with a stable braking system and reliable tires, it ensures safety during travel. Through rigorous testing and quality control, the Model CG 52-S promises to provide stable and reliable transportation services.


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The Model CG 52-S is a top-of-the-line electric cargo bike that boasts high performance and a multi-functional design, making it the perfect solution for urban logistics. With its long-range capabilities, it provides a reliable mode of transportation that meets all your needs while also enhancing convenience and efficiency in both work and daily life.