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Folding E-bike Model -40

The compact, portable, environmentally healthy, and flexible characteristics of the electric folding bike- model 40 make it an ideal choice for modern urban life. Not only can it be easily folded and carried, but it also contributes to the environment and provides an efficient and convenient way to travel. Whether commuting to work or cycling for leisure, electric folding bikes offer convenience and pleasure.



Folding E-bike: Ideal for convenient travel

Folding E-bike is an innovative way to get around. Its unique design and functions make it an ideal choice for modern urban life. Model 40 unique features are 20-inch tires and a foldable design. It brings many conveniences and benefits to the user.

Small and portable, easy to fold

Folding E-bikes are popular for their compact and lightweight features. Model 40 has a folding design that allows you to easily fold it into a smaller size when you don’t need to ride. Whether it is on the bus, in the subway, or stored at home or office, it can be conveniently stored. This feature makes the electric folding bike an ideal choice for urban commuters and those who need to change transportation frequently.

Environmental health, zero-emission travel

The folding E-bike is powered by electricity and uses batteries as an energy source, so it will produce zero pollution and zero emissions during use. Compared to conventional fuel vehicles, electric folding bicycles are more environmentally friendly. In addition, riding an electric folding bike can also provide you with the opportunity to exercise, which is very beneficial to your physical and mental health.

Flexible and efficient, saves time and effort

The electric drive of Model 40 provides excellent flexibility and efficiency. With the electric power assist system, you can easily cope with uphill, headwind, and long-distance riding, reducing the feeling of fatigue while riding. In the busy urban life, the electric folding bicycle can help you save time and energy, making travel more convenient and efficient.


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The Model 40 embodies the qualities of being compact, portable, environmentally friendly, and flexible, which makes it an excellent choice for the demands of modern urban living. Its folding feature allows for easy transportation and storage, while its eco-friendly nature promotes a cleaner environment. Additionally, folding e-bike provides a convenient and efficient means of transportation in urban settings.