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Mountain E-bike Model -41

Mountain E-bike: model 41 combines the advantages of mountain bikes and electric bikes, bringing riders a more convenient and pleasant riding experience. Whether exploring natural mountain scenery or daily city commuting, an electric mountain bike is an ideal choice.




Mountain E-bike-Explore the beauty of nature, enjoy the fun of riding

With the advancement of science and technology and the promotion of environmental awareness, mountain E-bike has become an increasingly popular means of transportation. Model 41 combines the functionality of a mountain bike with the convenience of an electric bike. It gives riders a whole new experience and benefits.

Powerful 24-inch tires

Mountain E-bike: model 41 uses 24-inch tires, a size that has strong passability and can handle a variety of terrain. Whether it is rugged mountain roads or bumpy country roads, such tires can provide good grip and handling steadily, ensuring safe and comfortable riding.

Convenient built-in battery case

Mountain E-bike: model 41 has a built-in battery box, which not only provides continuous power support but also avoids the bondage of external batteries. The built-in battery box is exquisitely designed and integrated with the bike. It makes the appearance more beautiful and generous. In addition, the built-in battery case is easy to remove and install and can be easily charged and replaced, which greatly saves time and effort.

Multiple benefits of Mountain E-bike

Mountain E-bike offer a variety of benefits. First, it can provide extra power through an electric power assist system. It makes riding easier and less effort. Whether you’re facing a long ride or climbing a steep hill, electric assistance provides the necessary support. And makes it easy for cyclists to tackle any challenge. Secondly, electric mountain bikes are environmentally friendly, do not produce exhaust gas and noise pollution, and are a low-carbon way of travel. Finally, riding an electric mountain bike is good for your health. Even with electric assistance, cyclists still need to exercise their legs, which helps to strengthen heart and lung function and physical strength.


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Mountain E-bike: model 41 combines the best features of both mountain bikes and electric bikes, offering riders a more enjoyable and convenient riding experience. Whether you’re seeking an adventure in the natural mountain landscapes or simply commuting in the city daily, an electric mountain bike is the perfect choice. It has powerful 24-inch tires and a convenient built-in battery case.