Electric Cargo Bike CG 52: Versatile Setup and High Load Capacity

The CG 52 electric cargo bike stands out with its unique features that provide users with a practical and effective mode of transportation and delivery. Let’s delve into the key attributes of this bike.

Adaptable Configuration for Varied Applications

The CG 52 is crafted to support a range of accessories, enabling users to configure it in different ways to suit their specific needs. For example, attaching a cargo basket transforms the bike into a handy “mini truck” for transporting goods, while adding a child seat creates a versatile “parent-child bike” capable of carrying both cargo and children. This adaptable setup offers users a wide array of transportation options.

Robust Load-Bearing Capacity for Daily Demands

Built with a sturdy and extensively tested framework, the CG 52 boasts a strong load-bearing capacity. It can effortlessly carry up to 100 kilograms, meeting the daily transportation requirements with ease. Moreover, the front cargo basket’s lift-and-drop design enhances user convenience during loading and unloading tasks.

Dual Batteries for Extended Range

Equipped with dual batteries totaling 48V/29.6AH, the CG 52 ensures a travel range exceeding 100 kilometers on a single charge. This dual-battery system guarantees ample power for long-distance journeys and extended battery life for everyday usage.

Accessible Design for Various Users

As a step-through E-bike, the CG 52 offers one of the lowest chassis heights in its category. It caters to users of diverse heights and ages. Its low step-through design not only facilitates easy mounting and dismounting but also enhances safety and dependability.

In conclusion, the CG 52’s versatile configuration, high load capacity, dual-battery long-range capability, and accessible design make it a practical and efficient choice for commuting and transportation needs. Whether for daily commutes, shopping trips, or delivering, the Electric Cargo Bike CG 52 excels in meeting a multitude of requirements.

Electric Bike-Electric Cargo Bike-Model CG 52-S
a high-performance electric cargo bike that can carry objects front and back.

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