Understanding Bicycling Trends in the United States

Based on the 2022 U.S. Bicycling Participation Report from PeopleForBikes, it’s revealed that 66% of American adults refrained from bicycling over the past year, with 14% having never engaged in cycling at all. Also in the youth demographic aged 3-17, there has been a gradual decrease in bicycling trends since 2016, with approximately 49% of youths riding a bike at least once in 2022.

Tackling the Decline in Youth Ridership
The Impact of Riding For Focus

To counteract this declining trend, Riding For Focus (R4F), a middle-school-centric bicycle education initiative by Outride, is making strides. By equipping schools with bicycles, helmets, teacher training, and a comprehensive bike education curriculum, R4F is making a difference. Outride’s research indicates that prior to R4F, 10-20% of middle school students lacked bike-riding skills, but after the program, 91% expressed interest in continuing to ride.

Expanding Influence and Reach
Welcoming New R4F Grant Awardees

Outride recently disbursed grants to 55 new R4F recipients, extending the program’s reach to nearly 300 schools throughout North America. In addition rooted in research highlighting the positive impacts of bicycling on youths’ social, emotional, and cognitive well-being, R4F strives to empower students and enrich their lives.

Promoting Physical and Mental Well-being
Beyond the Ride: Additional Benefits

Tracking heart rates during R4F sessions reveals that students achieve almost half of their recommended daily physical activity levels. Furthermore, participating students report reduced screen time, also enhanced well-being, and heightened interest in recreational biking, especially with peers outside of school hours.

Addressing Disparities and Enhancing Access
Equitable Resource Allocation

Outride prioritizes R4F grants for schools situated in communities with elevated rates of free or reduced-price lunches, aiming to address systemic disparities and ensure universal access to the advantages of bicycling. As emphasized by Riding for Focus Program Manager Lauren Freeman, empowering youths through cycling is crucial in addressing their challenges.

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