Advance Cycling in the Federal Trade Agenda

As the leading advocate for the American bicycle industry, PeopleForBikes is committed to advancing trade policies that benefit bicycle businesses, advance cycling nationwide, and enhance bicycle accessibility and related products. We are encouraged by recent congressional efforts in trade policy. We believe this will contribute to a safer, more robust, and healthier future for the industry and cyclists across the country. This is thanks to the dedicated advocacy of our alliance members and the leadership shown on Capitol Hill.

Trade policy decisions have significant implications for the bicycle industry. PeopleForBikes actively works to secure tariff exemptions and advocate for favourable updates to trade programs. Also push for policy reforms to foster a more stable and supportive trade environment in Washington, D.C. We are pleased to outline our vision for U.S. trade policy through our newly released 2024 Trade Policy Agenda.

Key components of our agenda include:

Ensuring Certainty

The unpredictability of U.S. trade policy hampers long-term investments in the bicycle industry and undermines consumer interests. We advocate for policies that promote stability, allowing American bicycle companies to plan their supply chains, align production with demand, invest in growth, and create jobs with competitive wages.

Fostering Fair Competition

Abrupt tariff hikes of 25-100% impose significant financial strain on the bicycle industry, adversely affecting economic viability. Tariffs should be treated like any other cost input or tax change, with sudden increases distorting market dynamics and unfairly favouring certain players while disadvantaging others.

Driving Domestic Economic Growth

The American bicycle industry is thriving, particularly with the increasing popularity of e-bikes. Smart trade policies can further bolster this growth and encourage localized assembly and production. We advocate for policies that incentivize investment in domestic bicycle manufacturing and support the network of small businesses, such as local bike dealers, that play vital roles in our communities.

Addressing Climate Change

Bicycling offers a potent solution for reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector. Our trade and tax policies should acknowledge the role of bicycles in achieving climate goals and incentivize their adoption accordingly.

Promoting Public Health

In addition to environmental benefits, cycling contributes to improved physical and mental health. U.S. trade policies should align with efforts to enhance public health outcomes and mitigate rising healthcare costs.

Encouraging Youth Engagement

Young cyclists are the future of the industry. We advocate for policies that ensure the continued affordability and accessibility of children’s bicycles and safety gear, thereby nurturing a new generation of riders and sustaining industry growth.

Supporting Development in Developing Countries

The United States has a history of fostering economic development globally. The bicycle industry can play a role by supporting investment in developing countries and contributing to their economic advancement.

Through these principles, we aim to shape trade policies that benefit the American bicycle industry, advance cycling, and promote sustainability, health, and economic prosperity for all.

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